Team Member

Cheryl Kozielec


Education & Credentials

College of Dupaye; Glen Ellyn, IL


CPR, Laser, Local Anesthesia


As a dental professional, I understand coming to the dentist is not a favorite thing for most to do. I pride myself on being patient, understanding, and caring.

Personal Favorites

My favorite vacation spot is the Galapagos Islands. I love Sci-Fi movies and relaxing at my pool.

Volunteer Experience

Volunteer at animal sanctuaries around the world including rhino sanctuary in South Africa, and elephant sanctuaries in Thailand and the Galapagos Islands

Personal Biography

I have been a hygienist since 2009 and just recently moved to Austin from Chicago. I am a huge animal advocate and I love volunteering at animal sanctuaries around the world. I have a Beagle names Piper who I enjoy hiking with.